Local pro teams hit home run by saving $82,657 through agent


Recently, a Certified Workers’ Comp Advisor (CWCA), wrote Work Comp for two minor league professional baseball teams. Neither team knew the truth about the Work Comp system. The teams had very special circumstances due to the seasonality of the sport since late season injuries often drag out and players do not return to work until the next season. Also, the very low wages that the players received relative to the national average worked against them. However, by using the IWCP education, the CWCA was able to make a tremendous difference and saved the first team $43,548 and the second $39,109.

The CWCA realized that the low wages were also an advantage. Whereas many employers would not continue to pay wages for an employee on the disabled list, these teams benefited by providing light duty or transitional duty for the employees and took advantage of the 70% credit opportunity that the ERA rule in South Dakota offers.


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