About Us

Building an error and overcharge free Workers' Compensation Program that you control, not the insurance company.
SmartComp helps you reduce and control Workers’ Compensation costs through its copyrighted 20 step process.

  • Dedicated to helping employers crush Workers’ Comp costs through finding and fixing errors and recovering money already spent.
  • Helping employers drive their experience modification factor down to its minimum thus
    releasing locked up capital.
  • Creating recovery at work programs both employers and employees embrace to prevent
    disruption customer service and business output.


Overcharges are rampant in workers’ compensation. Find out why!

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Meet Your Team

John Mann

John began his insurance career in 1983 as a “captive” agent with Nationwide Insurance. His desire to become an “independent” agent led him to form Coverage, Inc. in 1994. Considering his insurance career to be a public trust that carries with it a duty of service to others, John co-created SmartComp and its Conquering Zero Work Comp process. Using the process and his knowledge as Certified WorkComp Advisor, John helps frustrated business owners understand their Workers’ Comp, their most costly employee benefit, and reduce their controllable costs to their minimums, putting thousands of dollars back into their pockets.

Away from work, John spends his time with his wife and children, practicing his skills as an undercover chef, and staying involved in the church.

Joe Stopski

With his Harley Davidson and scuba diving days behind him, Joe got serious about his insurance career in the mid 1990’s. He has since then honed his expertise in Workers’ Comp to the point that his customers see him as truly unique. He helps business owners find hidden, costly errors in their Work Comp programs and unlock money they never thought they had. Recovering individual employers tens of thousands, and even in excess of a hundred thousand dollars, from past errors, Joe proves to be a trusted expert and qualified advocate for his customers.

Joe grew up enjoying scouting, camping, boating, and fishing in the Tidewater area of Virginia, and his love of fishing takes him anywhere in the Chesapeake Bay to 100 miles offshore stays with him to this day.